The Town of Yorktown spans over 42 square miles and encompasses 5 different hamlets. Each area is assigned to a Patrol Supervisor who is responsible for addressing conditions in that area.

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The Yorktown Police Department maintains an active Online Community.


Home to the Town’s largest corporate entity, the huge IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center, Kitchawan lies on the southern border of Yorktown.

Crompond & Huntersville
The Crompond/Huntersville area lies in the west of Yorktown, north of the Croton Reservoir


Jefferson Valley
Covering nearly 10 square miles is the Town’s busiest hamlet of Jefferson Valley.

Mohegan Lake & Shrub Oak
At the northwest corner of Yorktown lies the hamlet of Mohegan Lake and Shrub Oak.


Yorktown Heights
Located in the middle of Yorktown, the hamlet of Yorktown Heights is perhaps the heart of the Town of Yorktown.