Patrol Division

department divisions

The Patrol Division is the Department’s largest and most active division. Under the command of Lieutenant John DeIulio, the patrol division is made up of approximately 40 officers and supervisors who are responsible for:

  • 24 hour patrol of Yorktown roadways
  • Response to calls for service
  • Enforcement of State and local laws and ordinances

Covering an area of approximately 42 square miles, a single officer radio patrol unit is generally assigned to each of the Town’s patrol “sectors”. A sector is comprised of a geographical area which the assigned officer is primarily responsible for the duration of his of her tour of duty.

The Department deploys a minimum of four patrol officers and one Sergeant (supervisor) during day and evening tours and a minimum of three officers during the midnight to 8AM tour. In the event of serious calls or heavy volume, patrol units routinely cross over into other sectors to assist each other.